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A Fast, Foolproof Finish!

Are you looking for a finish that's easy to apply and looks beautiful? General Finishes' Satin Gel Topcoat is one of our favorites. No runs, drips or errors!

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  • Drilling and Machining Tips

    • Kreg Shelf Pin Jig

      Drill accurate, evenly spaced shelf pin holes with ease using Kreg’s Shelf Pin Jig. Hardened steel bushings guide the drill bit for perfect holes, every… Read Full Tip

    • Power Drive Threaded Insert Tool

      The Easy Way to Install Threaded Inserts! Stop struggling with threaded insert installation. These driver bits turn a frustrating job into something anyone can do!… Read Full Tip

    • Machining Thin Metal

      Making Small Metal Parts in Your Woodshop. Making thin metal parts is a challenge in any shop. The parts can be hard to hold onto,… Read Full Tip

  • Dust Collection Tips

    • Dust Collection Hose Kits

      The Tale of Two Dust Hose Kits. Hooking up tools with small ports to dust collection has never been easier thanks to the Flexiport dust… Read Full Tip

    • Dust Collection at the Bench

      Dust Collection Solutions at the Bench. Setting up dust collection at the workbench can be a challenge. Portable tools like finish sanders have tiny ports,… Read Full Tip

    • Small Shop Planning Part 3

      Small Shop Planning Part 3: Dust Collection Secrets Revealed! Getting started with dust collection doesn’t have to be complicated. By following simple guidelines and understanding… Read Full Tip

  • Planning and Organizing Tips

    • Small Shop Planning Part 3

      Small Shop Planning Part 3: Dust Collection Secrets Revealed! Getting started with dust collection doesn’t have to be complicated. By following simple guidelines and understanding… Read Full Tip

    • Small Shop Planning Part 2

      Small Shop Planning Part 2: Utilizing Wall Space. Now that the work zones and floor space are established, it’s time to move on to the… Read Full Tip

    • Small Shop Planning Part 1

      Small Shop Planning Part 1: Defining Work Zones. What’s your dream shop look like? A separate 16 x 30′ outbuilding? Hardwood floors? Heated and cooled?… Read Full Tip

  • Router and Router Table Tips

    • Box Joints Made Easy

      Make perfect-fitting box joints on your router table with the Rockler Box Joint Jig. This jig is easy to set up and simple to use.… Read Full Tip

    • Amana Drawer Lock Bit

      Learn the secret to making strong, long-lasting drawers. The Amana drawer lock bit routs perfect, tight-fitting drawer joints quickly and easily. This one bit is… Read Full Tip

    • Jasper Circle Pro 200

      Rout perfect circles with the Jasper Circle Pro 200 Max and your plunge router. This guide is CNC-machined for accuracy and can cut circles from… Read Full Tip

  • Sanding and Finishing Tips

    • A Fast, Foolproof Finish

      Take the hassle out of finishing with General Finishes’ Gel Topcoat. This easy-to-apply finish creates a beautiful, hand-rubbed appearance without any runs or drips. See… Read Full Tip

    • Sanding Drum Kits

      Turn Your Drill Press Into a Spindle Sander! This inexpensive drill press accessory allows you to sand curves and rounded profiles with ease. Plus, use… Read Full Tip

    • Hook and Loop Sandpaper

      What’s New With Hook And Loop Sandpaper? Traditional hook and loop sandpapers have been around for a while. The deciding factor is typically 5-hole or… Read Full Tip

  • Table Saw Tips

    • Matchfit Dado Stop Pro

      Cutting perfect-fitting dadoes is a snap with the Matchfit Dado Stop Pro. Use it with any saw blade to cut dadoes or half laps without… Read Full Tip

    • Incra V27 Miter Gauge

      Upgrade your table saw by replacing the factory miter gauge with the Incra V27. It’s easy to adjust, with positive stops every 5° plus additional… Read Full Tip

    • Freud Box Joint Cutter Set

      Freud’s Box Joint Cutter Set creates perfectly square, flat-bottomed box joints in either 1/4″ or 3/8″ width. Cutting box joints at the table saw has… Read Full Tip

  • Technique Tips

    • River Table Q&A Part 4

      River Table Q&A, Part 4: The Secrets to Getting a Top Flat, Smooth and Ready to Finish River Table Q&A Part 4: The Secrets to… Read Full Tip

    • River Table Q&A Part 3

      River Table Q&A Part 3: Making a Perfect Mold! You had more questions, so we answered! Get more details on how to prep and protect… Read Full Tip

    • River Table Q&A Part 2

      River Table Q&A Part 2: How to Remove a Rough Edge and Twist from a Workpiece. What’s the best way to remove a rough edge?… Read Full Tip

  • Tool & Product Review Tips

    • Incra I-Box

      Making box joints has never been easier with the Incra I-Box jig. An adjustment knob on the end of the jig allows you to fine-tune… Read Full Tip

    • Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

      Learn how easy it is to sharpen any kitchen knife, hunting knife, or pocket knife using the Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener. The foolproof… Read Full Tip

    • New Kreg Products

      Kreg has introduced several new products to their lineup of tools that are designed to make things easier when working in your shop. Follow along… Read Full Tip

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