• Dado Clean Out Bits

    Dado clean out bits are useful for creating flat-bottomed dadoes and grooves as well as for template routing. We offer two sizes — 1/4″ length… Read Full Tip

  • Making Routed Bowls

    Create beautiful bowls and trays using your plunge router and the CMT Bowl and Tray bit and collet extension. FEATURED PRODUCTS RELATED PRODUCTS RETURN TO… Read Full Tip

  • Kreg Router Lift

    Are you tired of having to stoop down and reach under your router table every time you need to adjust the height of the bit?… Read Full Tip

  • Box Joints Made Easy

    Make perfect-fitting box joints on your router table with the Rockler Box Joint Jig. This jig is easy to set up and simple to use.… Read Full Tip

  • Amana Drawer Lock Bit

    Learn the secret to making strong, long-lasting drawers. The Amana drawer lock bit routs perfect, tight-fitting drawer joints quickly and easily. This one bit is… Read Full Tip

  • Jasper Circle Pro 200

    Rout perfect circles with the Jasper Circle Pro 200 Max and your plunge router. This guide is CNC-machined for accuracy and can cut circles from… Read Full Tip

  • Timberline Router Bit Starter Set

    Just like friends, money, or clamps, you can never have too many router bits. This set from Timberline is a great choice for any woodworker… Read Full Tip

  • Spiral Up-Cut Bits

    The Ultimate Bit for Mortises. When it comes to routing mortises or grooves, learn why this one type of bit beats all others, hands down.… Read Full Tip

  • Loose Tenon Joinery Part 1

    Loose Tenon Joinery Part 1: The Easiest Mortise and Tenon Joint Ever! Mortise and tenon joinery is one of the strongest joints in woodworking. But… Read Full Tip

  • Loose Tenon Joinery Part 2

    Loose Tenon Joinery Part 2: Mortise Layout. Mortise and tenon joinery begins with marking the locations of the mortises. The mortising jig relies on centerlines… Read Full Tip