Dust Collection at the Bench

Dust Collection Solutions at the Bench. Setting up dust collection at the workbench can be a challenge. Portable tools like finish sanders have tiny ports, but shop vacs have large hoses. Plus a dust collection hose can drag across the edge of the bench and the workpiece, making it difficult to use your tools. Let’s take a look at a hose kit and a ceiling hook that make it work much better!


Dust Hook Kit

The Woodsmith Store Dust Collection Hose & Hook System
Hooking up dust collection for small portable power tools at the workbench has never been easier!

Fein Turbo II Set Wet-Dry Dust Extractor-#92028060090-3

Fein Turbo II Set Wet/Dry Dust Extractor
No shop, professional or hobbyist, is complete without dust collection. The Fein Turbo II Wet/Dry Dust Extractor offers high performance.