Stack Dado Blades

A stack dado blade set is just the ticket for cutting rabbets, dadoes, or grooves. But there is quite a range in price among dado sets. We’ll walk you through some of the points to consider when choosing a dado set. You’ll also learn about a low-priced dado blade option that delivers surprisingly good results.


Oshlun 8” Professional Stack Dado Set

Oshlun 8″ Stack Dado Set

Oshlun 6” Professional Stack Dado Set

Oshlun 6″ Stack Dado Set

Freud Super Dado Blade Set

Freud 8″ Super Dado Set

DeWalt 8” Stacked Dado Blade Set

DeWalt 8″ Stack Dado Set

222450 Forrest Manufacturing 8"dado King Dado Set

Forrest 8″ Dado King Set

SawStop 8″ Dado Set

Freud Super 8" Dado Blade Set

Freud 8″ Stacked Dado Set

Freud 6" Pro Dado Set SD206

Freud 6″ Pro Stacked Dado Set