Online Seminar: Live Edge Epoxy River Table

Watch this 7-part video series and learn how to prep boards, make a mold, add color and sparkle to epoxy, and how to finish sand the table after the epoxy cures. Includes bonus Q&A sessions to answer questions and help guide you through the process.

Live Edge Epoxy River Table, Part 1: Board Prep

Live edge river tables are all the rage. They seem simple enough. Take two boards, make a mold, put the epoxy. But there’s much more to it than that. Follow our journey to see how we made our first river table. See what worked, but more importantly what didn’t work, and how to avoid unexpected mistakes along the way.

Live Edge Epoxy River Table, Part 2: Making a Mold & Mixing Epoxy

Get the inside scoop on how to create a beautiful river table. In this episode, we reveal the top tips to using Ecopoxy, color pigments, metallics, and MORE!

Live Edge Epoxy River Table, Part 3: Finishing the Top

The Ecopoxy has cured, now it’s time to remove the mold and see the stunning results! Follow these easy step-by-step tips to see how to get the top perfectly flat and smooth.

River Table Q&A, Part 1: The Differences of Working with Ecopoxy and Regular Epoxy

Follow this in-depth discussion to learn more about the differences between regular epoxy and Ecopoxy. Plus get tips on how to mix and use test samples before you make the big pour.

River Table Q&A, Part 2: How to Remove a Rough Edge and Twist from a Workpiece

What’s the best way to remove a rough edge? Simple, a straight edge with a circular saw. But there’s more to it than that. Watch the video to see our top tips on how to remove a rough edge, but also eliminate twist for a perfectly flat board.

River Table Q&A, Part 3: Five Top Tips to Make the Perfect Mold for an Epoxy River Table!

You had more questions, so we answered! Get more details on how to prep and protect the boards. Plus get top tips to ensure a leak-proof hassle-free mold for your next river table project.

River Table Q&A, Part 4: The Secrets to Getting a Top Flat, Smooth and Ready to Finish

Using a random orbit sander can be challenging when sanding wood and epoxy. Watch the video to see how easy it can be with our top tricks and tips!

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