Tips, Tools & Techniques eNote #9

The Secret Weapon for Drilling Pilot Holes

Drilling a perfectly centered pilot hole into any kind of wood can be tricky. If the pilot hole is for a hinge, or small hardware, and it’s just slightly off, it can easily mess up alignment when you drive the screws in place. Now there’s better way to drill a pilot hole! Let’s take a look.

Featured Product

Snappy™ Self-Centering Hinge 3-Piece Bit Set

Snappy Self-Centering Hinge 3-Piece Bit Set

The Snappy™ 3 pc. Self-Centering Hinge Bit Set is a great accessory use to drill perfectly centered pilot holes for hinges, drawer slides and other hardware. The three bit sizes, 5/64″, 7/64″ and 9/64″ cover the most commonly used screw sizes (#6, #8 and #10). Includes a hex key for easy twist drill bit replacement.