Small Shop Planning Seminar

Small Shop Planning, Part 1: Defining Work Zones

What’s your dream shop look like? A separate 16 x 30′ out building? Hardwood floors? Heated and cooled? If your like us, it’s more than likely not quite that grandiose! Never fear, there are plenty of options to set up a shop in almost any space, like part of a basement, or a half of a garage. The key to using these spaces is careful planning. Follow Design Editor, Jim Downing, as he shows you how to plot a course for small shop success!

Small Shop Planning, Part 2: Utilizing Wall Space

Now that the work zones and floor space are established, it’s time to move on to the walls. These simple tips will help tame your lumber pile, keep your portable tools organized, and provide easy convenient storage for that ever growing clamp collection!

Shop Planning Part 3: Dust Collection Secrets Revealed!

Getting started with dust collection doesn’t have to be complicated. By following simple guidelines and understanding the basics, you can add a simple yet cost effective dust collection system to your home shop.

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