Two Stop Blocks?

Q&A with Don — A Stop Block for A Stop Block? Stop blocks make it easy to make repetitive cuts. But what happens when you blow the cut on your workpiece and need to make a new one, but the stop block is in the way? Let’s find out!


Kreg Swing Stop KMS7801

Kreg Swing Stop
Accuracy is vital in wood working and attaching Kreg’s precision Swing Stop to your shop tools allows you to cut material with precision and repeatable results.

Kreg Top Trak - 24 KMS7712

Kreg Tool 24″ Top Trak
The Kreg Top Trak is a self-aligning, L-shaped mounting extrusion that can be used to create a precision measuring system for many of your shop tools.

Kreg Precision Miter Gauge System

Kreg Precision Miter Gauge System
The Kreg Precision Miter Gauge System gives you better, more accurate cuts to ensure project success! You can make precision cuts right out of the box, no calibration needed.